Solar has become the most favoured source of renewable energy, with more homeowners than ever before choosing to generate their own solar electricity.


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1. What is solar electricity?

Solar electricity is electricity that’s generated through the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. Solar PV panels are used to capture the sun’s free and clean renewable energy, turning it into electricity.

2.How does a solar PV system work?


3. How many solar panels will my home need?

The more solar panels you have installed, the more energy they’ll be able to generate for your home. The number of solar panels you’ll need will depend on your energy usage, the number of people in your home and the size of your property. Smaller homes might need a 1kW system, with roof space for 8+ square metres of solar panels, while higher demand can be met with a 4kW system, but that would need 25+ square metres of space on your roof.

太阳系尺寸 Roof space needed (in square meters)
1kW 8+
2kW 12+
3kw. 20+
4KW. 25+




More often that not, solar panels are generating more energy that can be used around the home at any one time. All the excess energy is then sent to the electricity grid, meaning that you’re losing out on energy being generated by your panels. By including a太阳能电池as part of your solar PV system, you can hold onto the unused energy to use during the night when your solar panels aren’t generating any energy.

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6. How much do solar panels cost?


大多数家庭需要12-16个面板以满足他们的能源需求。拥有3人的平均家庭需要3kWh系统的12个太阳能电池板,总成本为5,000英镑 - 6,000英镑。通常,太阳能系统的成本范围为较大的房屋的较小家庭的约2,000英镑。

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In addition to the price of the solar panels, you’ll need to consider the installation too. The price of the installation will vary from installer to installer, so it’s a good idea to compare multiple quotes, which will give you the greatest chance of getting the best possible deal.

By taking a few minutes to complete our online form, we will match your needs with installers in your area who will each be in touch to provide a free quote. You’ll get up to 3 free no-obligation quotes, which you can then compare to find the best installer for your solar PV installation.


As the solar market has grown, the number of solar manufacturers has increased. This gives you great variety and choice but can also make your decision-making that bit harder. When looking into thebest solar panel manufacturers,我们发现LG目前正在英国制造最好的太阳能电池板。



  • Reduced electricity bills:a 2.8 kWp system should be able to generate around 35% of an average household’s annual electricity needs.
  • Lower carbon emissions:solar panels don’t produce any carbon emissions, which will help to greatly reduce the impact your home has on the environment.
  • 没有运行成本:一旦安装,您将不必担心任何运营成本,因为它们为您的家创建免费可再生能源。
  • Low maintenance:other than making sure the panels are getting enough light (make sure they’re not being obstructed) there’s not a lot else to worry about.
  • 免费为电动汽车充电:如果您有电动汽车,请降低燃料成本。


If you have anelectric car或者正在考虑一个,能够免费向其充电,降低您的燃料成本和对地球的影响,可能是最大的益处。计划用太阳能供电的家庭和电动汽车将需要一个较大的太阳能光伏系统,因此值得一提的是您的安装程序。

11. Do solar panels still work on cloudy days?

绝对的!它实际上是来自太阳的辐射,rather than temperature, heat or direct sunlight, that enables solar PV panels to generate electricity.

炎热的阳光明媚的国家的太阳能电池板一定会收集更多的能量,但不要被愚弄,以便在英国不良好工作。他们不需要恒定的阳光来工作,仍然可以generate electricity when the weather is cloudy. Don’t forget either that Germany is currently the world leader in solar energy generation – not exactly a country well known for its abundance of sun!

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12. What’s the difference between solar PV and solar thermal?

Solar PV panels are used to generate electricity, whereasyabo体育主页下载– also known as a solar hot water system – is used to provide domestic hot water around the home.


一旦安装了太阳能电池板,安装程序应为您留下维护检查的详细信息,以至于您需要的时间,但总的来说,solar panel maintenanceis fairly minimal.



15. What is the Feed-in Tariff?


16. Is it worth investing in solar?

There’s no doubt about it; solar PV panels are the most popular type of renewable energy with homeowners. Over 500,000 UK homes already have solar PV panels and the numbers are continuing to grow. Solar panel costs have dropped dramatically, so there’s really never been a better time to invest. The benefits too are impossible to ignore: lower energy bills, a reduction in carbon emissions and potentially increase the value of your home.

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